DTE Energy

Taggart Compressor Station

Six Lakes, Michigan, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Wetlands & Water Bodies
Wood Duck
About the Program
DTE Energy company’s Taggart Compressor Station is located in Six Lakes, Michigan, northwest of Lansing. Employees support conservation projects focused on seven acres of wetlands which serve as habitat for many species of wildlife in addition to helping water filtration. Wood Duck boxes installed provide a nesting refuge for wood ducks along the shoreline of the wetland area. The work aligns with Michigan's Conservation Districts Wetlands Protection as well as the Michigan Pollinator Initiative. 

Practices and Impacts
  • The water body project manages three cooling ponds as a wetland habitat supporting a large variety of native avian species including great blue heron, mallard duck, wood duck, and Canada geese. Painted turtles utilize the wetland and Taggart employees restock the ponds with fish as needed. Floating islands were constructed by employees to support wildlife by using native plant species that provide both food and shelter.
  • Taggart employees installed ten nest boxes around the wetland to promote wood duck survival. The project focuses on wood duck as both a native species known to breed locally and a migratory species that was extensively hunted until the Migratory Bird Treaty Act was implemented in 1916. Since then, the wood duck population has increased but is not fully recovered. Wood duck return to the Taggart Station annually and use artificial nesting structures for breeding. The floating islands in the ponds are provided for additional shelter against predators.