Hillsboro Landfill and Tualatin Valley Waste Recovery

Hillsboro, Oregon, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
great blue heron

About the Program
Waste Management operates the Hillsboro Landfill and Tualatin Valley Waste Recovery Facility, located approximately twenty miles west of Portland, Oregon. Its property includes a conifer forest and a wetland complex adjacent to the Tualatin River and the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve, with which Waste Management partners for its various conservation efforts. These include habitat improvements such as invasive species removal, plantings, and species monitoring that specifically supports the success of the resident great blue heron population but benefits many other species as well. 

Practices and Impacts

  • Partnership with the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve and the Portland Audubon Society both informs and contributes to the implementation of conservation efforts.
  • Monitoring of the great blue heron reflects a stable population. Additionally, monitoring at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve indicates that many other avian species reported there, also use the managed wetland complex at Hillsboro Landfill.
  • Habitat improvements through Invasive plant and animal species removal and addition of features creates habitat more suitable to meet the life cycle needs of the target species.
  • Addition of features such as fallen logs and root wads provides cover habitat for prey species, and newly planted trees will create additional habitat niches for the great blue heron over time.