DTE Energy

Western Wayne Service Center

Belleville, Michigan, United States

Certified Silver through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Pollinator Garden - East (#1)
Pollinator Garden - South (#2)
Bat Box Project
About the Program
DTE Energy - Western Wayne Service Center, in Belleville, MI, serves the energy needs of the southeast region of Michigan. The site features 2 pollinator gardens covering about 0.02 acre and bat box projects that the team manages. The conservation objectives of the pollinator gardens is to actively support native pollinators by creating suitable habitat, managing land responsibly, and promoting awareness, reduce the amount of mowed turf grass on site and help with stormwater runoff. The conservation objective of the bat house project is to encourage bats to remain on site, increase biodiversity and benefit local populations. Employees are engaged in weeding, monitoring, meetings, and photography. DTE Energy actively supports native pollinators by creating suitable habitat, managing land responsibly and promoting awareness. The pollinator projects align with the Michigan Pollinator Initiative, https://pollinators.msu.edu, http://millionpollinatorgardens.org/about. The bat house project aligns with Bat Conservation International: https://www.batcon.org/.

Practices and Impacts
  • The team monitors the bat boxes for bats by looking out for evidence like guano.
  • 2 gardens on the site are managed for several species of pollinators, with a focus on local butterflies. Specific plants, such as goldenrod and black-eyed Susan, were selected to provide nectar and to serve as host plants for caterpillars. The pollinator garden is weeded, and new plants are added, as needed.