Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Copper Basin Project

Ducktown, Tennessee, United States

Certified Gold through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Eastern Bluebird
Wood Duck
Monarch Butterfly
About the Program
Occidental Petroleum Corporation's Copper Basin Project is on a reclaimed mine site in southeastern Tennessee. The project team's overall conservation objective is to restore native habitat for a variety of wildlife. They have developed multiple avian projects for different types of habitats, wood duck, eastern bluebird and raptors. In addition they have also developed a pollinator project that focuses on monarch butterflies.  

Practices and Impacts
  • The raptor project began in 2019 and focuses on providing better roosting areas for birds of prey and nest boxes for kestrels. Three kestrel boxes were added in 2019 and moved to more appropriate locations based on advice from a partner. In 2020 one of the boxes was occupied. The project team would like to add more kestrel boxes. 
  • The eastern bluebird project began in 2010.  The project team conducts the monitoring of 16 nest boxes and they observed that only 13%-44% of the nest boxes were occupied by bluebirds in 2020 as compared to 63%-100% in previous years.
  • The project team began their wood duck project in 2010 and maintain and monitor 22 nest boxes.  In May 2020 they observed 50% of them were occupied which is a bit less than the previous year. 
  • The monarch butterfly project began in 2016.   Monarchs have not been seen in the spring only in the late summer and fall during the fall migration.  The project team has changed their focus to slightly to being a migratory stopover during the fall migration so they are working on ensuring there are late blooming flowers. .