Sainte-Sophie Landfill

Sainte.Sophie, Quebec, Canada

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Platform for Raptors
About the Program
The Sainte-Sophie Landfill is a disposal area operate by Waste Management. It is located in southern Quebec, directly north of Montreal. The property contains several patches of grassland and forest habitat that provide resources for native species. These habitat areas have become increasingly valuable in recent years as bird and other populations have declined due to more intensive uses of land by humans. In addition, the forests of the site contribute to the regionally important Grand Coteau Forest Corridor. With this program, the team seeks to improve the habitat value of the site by planting native species and by building nesting boxes and wintering areas for native species. 

Practices and Impacts
  • Nesting Areas for Raptors: In order to support native bird of prey species that have declined in recent decades, the team has installed multiple nesting boxes to provide valuable locations for breeding and rearing. The boxes were installed in locations with foraging opportunities nearby. The team has observed the boxes being successfully used by American kestrels and tree swallows. 
  • Hibernaculum for Reptilian Species: The team monitored a hibernaculum that serves as an ideal wintering area for native reptilian species that often struggle to serve the cold seasons of the region. The team did not observe the hibernaculum being used, but the data collected informs next steps of the project, including removing invasive species and building more wintering sites.