Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

Aiken County PSR / LTR

Grainteville, South Carolina, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Bluebird Nesting
Formal Learning
About the Program
Bridgestone America’s Aiken Off Road Radial Plant is located in South Carolina, approximately 20 miles northeast of Augusta, Georgia. The site contains 250 acres of longleaf pine forest, a habitat that has faced historical decline in the region. The team aims to support conservation of local wildlife by maintaining bluebird nest boxes on-site. The team also contributes to environmental education of local K-12 students through their Bridgestone Environmental Education Program, providing students with the opportunity to explore the longleaf pine forest and pond habitats on-site.

Practices and Impacts
  • Since 2006, the team has maintained and monitored 31 bluebird nest boxes on-site. During the breeding season the team monitors boxes and documents the progress of any nests. The boxes provide safe nesting locations for the native bluebird. A total of 1,534 bluebirds have fledged to date. 
  • The Bridgestone Environmental Education Program invites K-12 students from South Carolina and Georgia to the site to learn about the native longleaf pine forest and pond habitats to develop an understanding of the importance of biodiversity. Students engage in lesson plans that align with South Carolina and Georgia state standards. These lessons were developed by scientists at the Ruth Patrick Science Center at University of South Carolina. Team members assist in the scheduling, preparation and implementation of lessons.