CRH Americas Materials, Inc.

Dresden Wildlife Site

Dresden, Ohio, United States

Certified Gold through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Bird Monitoring
Awareness & Community Engagement
About the Program
CRH Americas Materials, Inc. has designated an 18-acre area of upland habitat and 63 acres of pond/wetland habitat as the Dresden Wildlife Site. The site sits on former aggregate mining land in Dresden, Ohio, approximately 50 miles east of Columbus. The Muskingum River borders the site to the east, and adjacent habitat to the west consists of upland forest, fields, hedgerows and active gravel pits. Since 2006, this site has been actively monitored and managed for a wide array of habitats and wildlife. Extensive biological inventories and community service projects have helped the project team meet their conservation objectives in maintaining soil stability, providing food, shelter and space for wildlife, and providing for an educational environment that fosters an awareness of how to protect improve and maintain wildlife habitat. 

Practices and Impacts
  • A variety of nesting structures for birds (bluebirds, wood ducks and ospreys) and insects, plus pollinator gardens, have been installed on-site. Local community groups (Boy Scouts of America and a junior high school ecology club) have helped design and implement these projects, assisting the project team in meeting the stated conservation objectives for these groups of species. 
  • Use of nesting structures and maintenance needs are tracked through time-appropriate monitoring protocols.
  • The local community is heavily involved in the site for educational and recreational purposes, such as weekend camping trips for scout groups, providing the opportunity for youth in the area to become aware of wildlife habitat conservation and management. During a 2019 event, an Eagle Scout candidate constructed an insect hotel by recycling the cab of an off-road dump truck to place within a newly created pollinator garden.