Quad Cities Generation Station

Cordova, Illinois, United States

Certified Silver through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Zebra Mussel Monitoring Program
Invasive Species
Section 1 - Spray Canal Conversion
Wetlands & Water Bodies
About the Program
The Quad Cities Generation Station is Exelon's nuclear power plant situated along the Mississippi River just outside of Warrenville, IL. The facility supports a wide ranging number of conservation projects. Given its proximity to the MS River, much of the focus is aquatic related including a 3.5 acre wetland restoration, monitoring of invasive zebra mussels, and the re-introduction of the extirpated alligator gar. The facility also manages a collection of 34 bluebird houses for cavity nesting birds.        

Practices and Impacts
  • The facility has historically used a 3.5 acre pond adjacent to the plant for fish production, but recently has facilitated its conversation back into a wetland. This was done to provide additional migratory and breeding habitat for wetland birds using the MS River flyway. The site was flooded and allowed to naturally vegetate. Within a year a wide variety of both native plants and animals have re-colonized the site.
  • The Alligator Gar was once native to Illinois but was extirpated more than 40 years ago. Exelon is working with state and federal partners to re-establish the species in habitats throughout the state. Hatchery produced fish are tagged and stocked and their survival and movement monitored. Data collected over a decade indicates the program is successful.
  • The invasive zebra has been a focus of the facility for years. Population density is monitored at the station and data is shared with state and federal partners who are attempting to manage the species.