Ontario Power Generation

Southeast Operations

Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

Certified Gold through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Chats Falls Barn Swallow Nesting Structure
About the Program
Ontario Power Generation operates Chat Falls Generating station in southeast Ontario along the Ottawa River. Before the installation of the dam and power generating station, the site was home to a large waterfall, about 35 feet tall. The site contains over 400 acres of land with habitats found including a river, wetlands, meadows and forested areas. The team manages the site to improve the native habitat and increase biodiversity on the site.

Practices and Impacts
  • The project focuses on how to provide sufficient habitat for the barn swallow, a threatened species in the area. Initial research conducted for the project informed the team of best practices for nesting structure design and placement, and how to monitor the project’s success.
  • The team installed a nesting structure (6’ x 12’) in May 2018 that contained six nesting cups to provide safe nesting habitat for the native barn swallow to support healthy populations.
  • The nesting structure is monitored annually to collect presence/absence data. Each nest cup within the structure is assessed for signs of use.