Lake Wales Sand Mine

Lake Wales, Florida, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Uplands Florida Scrub
Other Habitats
About the Program
CEMEX's Lake Wales Sand Mine is located in Polk County, approximately three miles east of the City of Lake Wales, Florida. The mine sits on a 1,593-acre lot, consisting of 290 acres of citrus groves, 22 acres of wetlands and 87 acres of upland scrub. Approximately 40 acres of the property is actively managed for wildlife habitat which has been WHC-certified since 2006. Due to habitat loss in Central Florida, many of the unique plants and animals that have adapted to surviving on the Lake Wales Ridge are now threatened and scarce.

Practices and Impacts
  • The Lake Wales Ridge is home to upland scrub, which can be described as 'wet desert.' This habitat supports a high concentration of unique flora and fauna native to central Florida. In 2007, the team repurposed 26.5 acres of a sand mine lake to increase the number of state and federally protected plants in the Lake Wales Uplands Preserve. This year the team not only conducted an extensive survey of plants and animals in the area in partnership with Flatwoods Consulting Group, they also began transplanting scrub plum papery whitlow-wort and sandhill wireweed to the site. Moving forward, the team intends to address invasive species and continue transplanting important plants.