The Chemours Company

Chemours DeLisle Plant

Pass Christian, Mississippi, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Eagle/Osprey Nesting
Bluebird Nesting Boxes
Least Terns Nesting
Butterflies and Pollinators
Bring Your Kids and Grandkids to Work Day
Awareness & Community Engagement
Purple Martins Nesting
About the Program
Chemours DeLisle Plant is located in a town called Pass Christian in Southern Mississippi. The site is located very close to St. Louis Bay which connects to the Gulf of Mexico. Chemours DeLisle Plant is the worlds largest producer of titanium dioxide.

Practices and Impacts
  • The eagle/osprey avian species project includes a nesting area for bald eagles. The project primarily includes monitoring the nest and focuses on breeding and use of nesting specifically with babies.
  • The bluebird nesting boxes program is designed to provide more habitat for eastern bluebirds.
  • The least terns avian species project focuses on monitoring the use of the nearby habitat by the least terns. The site is located close to a globally important bird area for the least terns.
  • The butterflies and pollinators species project focuses on providing pollinators with good habitat through the landscaped garden. The project focuses heavily on monarchs but looks at all pollinator species.¬†
  • The bring your kids and grandkids to work day education project focused on informing kids about the importance of the environment and what can be done to help it. There was an onsite butterfly release done for a hands-on activity.
  • The final avian project focuses on providing breeding and nesting area for the purple martin (Progne subis). This habitat need has been addressed through a condo structure. Currently the project consists of informal monitoring to plan for the next steps.