WM Liberty Landfill

Monticello, Indiana, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Liberty Landfill Wetlands and Ponds
Wetlands & Water Bodies
Boy Scouts
Awareness & Community Engagement


Waste Management's Liberty Landfill, located in Monticello, Indiana, is a municipal solid waste landfill nestled into 480 acres of forest, wetland and grassland habitat. The program features 172 acres of habitat projects, including the forest area, food plot and grassland, wetland and pond. In addition, the team conducts an awareness and engagement project with local community members and Boy Scout troops. The team aims to improve habitat for wildlife, promote natural diversity, and engage the community.

Practices and Impacts

  • The team manages 56 acres of ponds and wetlands that contain wildlife enhancement techniques such as bird nesting structures (wood duck nesting boxes, tree swallow boxes, Canada goose tubs, etc.) and are stocked with game fish and underwater habitat structures.
  • The ponds and wetlands on site are managed for wildlife, promoting natural diversity, and enhancing water quality. The Liberty Landfill foster a better understanding and appreciation of natural resources, particularly; water quality, plant and wildlife diversity, wildlife interactions and natural succession.
  • The community uses the site for in-habitat educational activities, including Scouts, 4H and other students participating in Hunting and Safety Education programs, youth fishing events, birding, wood duck nesting box construction, watershed tours, and more.
  • The Liberty wildlife team is constantly seeking to involve the public in understanding and appreciation of nature by utilizing the natural resources on site, including forests, grasslands, and wetlands habitat.
  • These projects provide critical environmental education opportunities for youth to learn about hunting, erosion control, natural area restoration, agriculture, waste-to-energy conservation, wildlife, and other important topics.