BP Cherry Point Refinery

Blaine, Washington, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Cherry Point Marine Shoreline
Marine Intertidal
Terrell Creek Salmon Habitat Enhancement - Stream Stewards
Wetlands & Water Bodies
Farm Conservation Plan and Wildlife Area Management
Land Conservation Agreements

About the Program
The BP Cherry Point Refinery in northern Washington is located on the Strait of George north of Puget Sound. The project area is bound to the west and south by ocean cliff and inter-tidal habitats and light urban development to the north and east. Upland areas not being used for refinery operations are a mix of active agricultural lands, upland forests and riparian and wetland habitats. The program covers an area of over 4000 acres, including wetlands and shoreline. The projects aim to restore native wetland habitats, with a goal of promoting salmon populations, as well as monitoring the marine inter-tidal zone at the coastal reserve.

Practices and Impacts

  • An active replanting and restoration effort is underway to restore the riparian corridor. In addition, the project team uses citizen scientists to monitor amphibians.
  • A land conservation agreement also allows land to be used responsibly for farming, including providing wintering waterfowl with forage, as well as preserving land as habitat for wildlife and offering opportunities for visitors to observe nature. The agreement ensures farming best practices are used to prevent detrimental issues such as nutrient run off and erosion. 
  • Annual monitoring of stability and biota is performed to maintain up to date information on the site, as well as litter removal if required.
  • Seastars are counted and monitored for the presence of Sea Star Wasting Disease.
  • Work is planned and performed in collaboration with a local salmon enhancement group.
  • Native trees and plants have been added to enhance the habitat and replace non-native plants in an area that was negatively impacted by agricultural activities.