DTE Energy

Kalkaska T&SO

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Certified through 2024

Project Name
Project Type
Butterfly Garden
About the Program
The DTE Energy Kalkaska Service Center is located in Kalkaska, Michigan, about 10 miles southeast of Rapid City. By increasing the amount of suitable habitat for nesting birds, the Kalkaska Wildlife Team hopes to increase the number of native species found on-site and to bolster populations of these species. The team also hopes their butterfly garden project will increase species diversity through the introduction of native plant species that benefit local pollinators.

Practices and Impacts
  • The bluebird project began in 2008, when a local Boy Scout troop helped the team install boxes along a gas pipeline right-of-way. The project team monitors the five nest boxes using the NestWatch protocol provided through Cornell University. Data indicates that two of the five boxes have been utilized by bluebirds, while the remaining three have been utilized by barn swallows.
  • The project team started a screech owl project in 2018. Boy Scouts helped the team build six boxes — three were installed on-site, and three were donated to Wings of Wonder, a raptor sanctuary. Monitoring indicates that one of the on-site boxes was utilized in 2019, and the project team hopes that the remaining two will be used as well.
  • This site features a butterfly garden, 230 square feet in size, that primarily includes native Michigan plants. The garden was started in 2005 and the species chosen provide blooms and different colors throughout the year. Monitoring indicates that the garden is doing well overall.