Vulcan Materials Company

Cajon Creek Habitat Conservation Area

Glendale, California, United States

Certified Silver through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Riversidian Alluvial Fan Sage Scrub - Habitat
Other Habitats
About the Program
The Conservation Area is located in southern California and largely supports Riversidean Alluvial Fan Sage Scrub habitat. It is managed by Vulcan Materials Company-Western Division to conserve a rare habitat type and its associated species, including species listed by the State of California and U.S. Department of Interior as threatened or endangered. In 2017, Vulcan Materials amended the 1996 Habitat Enhancement and Management Plan (HEMP) for the1,360-acre Cajon Creek Habitat Conservation Management Area (Conservation Area) to voluntarily assume additional management responsibilities. In 2020, Vulcan completed its second full year of active management of the Conservation Area as provided for in the amended HEMP.

Practices and Impacts
• Preventing trespass.
• Removing trash.
• Managing non-native plant populations.
• Restoring areas damaged by trespass or storm events.
• Managing percent cover of native shrubs to maintain habitat for the special status species using
targeted grazing, manual thinning, manual removal, and/or the use of herbicides.
• Managing nesting boxes for native species (e.g., barn owls).
• Accepting individuals of native species from approved relocation efforts