Grinnell Production Site

Grinnell, Iowa, United States

Certified through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Southeast Prairie Habitat Area
About the Program
Bayer's Grinnell Production Site is located approximately 50 miles from Des Moines, Iowa. The team is re-introducing and augmenting native grasses and forbs to restore over 11 acres of prairie habitat on site. The native prairie area is intended to create a natural buffer against soil erosion and nutrient loading of streams, and help water to infiltrate soil so it can be later used by crops. The prairie is also used to promote awareness of the benefits of native flora and fauna with employees and with the larger community. Bayer is enhancing a large area of grassland specifically as a dedicated pollinator habitat for bees and Monarch butterflies by harvesting and planting milkweed. The team also participates in monarch rearing (at individual homes during COVID-19) and educational events during Earth Day and the Children's Water Festival.

Practices and Impacts
  • The team's efforts to increase the milkweed plant population by harvesting and replanting mature milkweed seeds has been largely successful, and the team has noticed an increase in individual common milkweed plants scattered across more of the prairie over the past two years. Newly emerging or self-seeded flowering plants were enhanced by "high mowing" in April of 2019, with counsel from biologists at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge and ISU staff. The health and density of native plant population is sufficient to smother out most of the invasive plants and to provide an excellent habitat for prairie animals and pollinators.