Storm Lake Production Site

Storm Lake, Iowa, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Storm Lake production site
About the Program
The Storm Lake Production Site is located on the Monsanto facility grounds in Storm Lake, Iowa. Most of the surrounding area is agriculture land today but historically composed of vast grasslands and prairie potholes that provided a wealth of resources for native pollinators and wildlife. Located about 75 miles due west of Sioux City, Iowa, the Monsanto Team identified 13 acres of agriculture land to be transformed into a native grassland habitat to support their conservation objective. The Team’s objective is to establish a native grassland to provide habitat and resources for Iowa’s native pollinators and wildlife.

Practices and Impacts
  • The team planted various native forbs and grasses that they manage and monitor to support their conservation objective. The grassland is well established after 11 years of consistent management and monitoring.
  • The team manages the site through regular mowing, chemical treatments of invasive species, and supplemental plantings in areas lacking native plant cover. 
  • Monitoring occurs multiple times a year for native plant survival following established scientific protocol to ensure relevant and rigorous monitoring protocol. The Team also monitors pollinator use in the grassland through observation and has recorded various butterfly species including Monarchs and bee species. Their data informs them of next steps in their project and the success of their plantings. 
  • The Team follows established scientific plans such as the Iowa State Wildlife Action Plan to promote native plant diversity, grassland health, and reduce invasive plant presence that support their internal conservation object.