Charles City County Landfill

Charles City County, Virginia, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Charles City Eastern Bluebirds
Charles City Bats
About the Program
The Charles City County Landfill located in Eastern Virginia just north of the James River is working towards Waste Management's corporate Wildlife Habitat Conservation Goal of sustaining 20,000 acres of habitat through 2038. With a wildflower garden to attract pollinators, the installation of bat boxes, bluebird boxes and wood duck boxes, not only is this landfill working to sustain more wild habitat, but is also helping to increase wildlife biodiversity throughout the site.

Practices and Impacts
  • The maintained wildflower portion of the site consists of two acres of native planted wildflower species. This area is mowed annually with periodic monitoring conducted noting the successful growth of wildflowers and an increase in pollinator presence.
  • Eastern bluebird boxes were installed in 2009 with the hopes of providing more nesting habitat for this native species. Boxes have been monitored monthly and show an increase in bluebird activity on the site with many successful nests noted in the boxes. 
  • In 2008 wood duck boxes were installed adjacent to several of the ponds on site in hopes of providing nesting habitat for wood ducks. No activity and recent flooding of the ponds have lead to discussions of relocating the boxes to maximize use.
  • Bat boxes were installed in 2018 in hopes of attracting any of the ten native bat species in Virginia. These boxes were placed adjacent to ponds to provide foraging opportunities for the bats as well as to minimize pest insects on site. No bat presence was found during monthly monitoring which has inspired discussions of possibly relocating the boxes for increased use.