Eagle Valley Recycling and Disposal Facility

Orion, Michigan, United States

Certified Gold through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Blue Bird
Eastern Screech Owl
Bat Habitat
Raptor Platform

Waste Management's Eagle Valley Recycling and Disposal facility is located in Orion Township in South East Michigan within the Clinton River Watershed. The program consists of multiple avian projects that focus on cavity nesting birds and raptors, along with a bat project and multiple awareness and education projects both on site and off. The overall conservation objective is to show that landfills can also provide wildlife habitat if managed properly.

Practices and Impacts

  • The bluebird project, which began in 2011, focuses mainly on providing nest boxes for bluebirds is also intended to provide nest boxes for tree swallows, house wrens and black-capped chickadees. The team maintains 4 nest boxes and have had successful nests of both blue birds and tree swallows throughout the years. Until 2020 they have partnered with Six Rivers Land Conservancy to help with the monitoring and provide guidance. 
  • The bat habitat project began in 2010 and currently consists of 4 bat boxes. The project team partners with the Six Rivers Land Conservancy and local college interns to conduct the monitoring throughout the summer. 
  • The project team installed a screech owl nest box in 2017 to provide a suitable nesting cavity for the declining population. 
  • The newest project is the raptor platform project which includes the installation of a platform to provide a nesting platform for a bird of prey. They have not yet had a raptor nest on the platform though they have had an eagle interested in the site. The platform ended up getting installed in the wrong location which is fairly close to where trucks come in and out. This is noted as a possible deterrent and the project team is thinking of moving it when equipment becomes available again.