General Motors Company

Guangde Proving Ground

xuancheng, Anhui, China

Certified Silver through 2023

Project Name
Project Type
Fruit Trees
Invasive Plant Species Management
Invasive Species
About the Program
General Motors Company operates China's largest automotive proving ground in Guangde County, Anhui China. This proving ground serves as as automotive testing facility with over 37 miles of testing roads, in addition to other facilities on site. The proving ground is located in eastern China, just to the west of Shanghai.  This facility consists of 379 acres of grassland, 37 acres of landscaped garden and 1.4 acres of fruit tree orchards. With an emphasis on invasive species management, and foraging opportunities for wildlife presented throughout the variety of habitats on site, this areas was transformed from what was once a wasteland, to an attractive environment for wildlife species. 

Practices and Impacts
  • In 2021, over 75% of plant species found within the landscaped habitat were native. The goal of this project was also to improve soil and water retention on site, and has proved quite successful with an over 95% plant survival rate in the last three years. 
  • All five of the fruit trees planted in the fruit tree orchard are native to the area and provide not only pollinating opportunities for native pollinators, but also provide fruit to the staff on site.  With an 85% survival rate in the last few years, these trees have proved quite hardy.
  • The invasive plant species management project is crucial on this site, as Canada goldenrod is quite prevalent throughout the area. This invasive species is removed manually and chemically and then is replanted with native species. Since the start of this project, this invasive species has gone from occupying 22,000 meters to less than 1,000 on site.