General Motors Company

Kokomo Operations

Kokomo, Indiana, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Pollinator Garden
About the Program
General Motors Components Holdings' (GMCH) Kokomo Operations is a supplier of electronics manufacturing services since 1936. The GMCH Kokomo site sits on 175 acres in Kokomo, Indiana, about 40 miles north of Indianapolis. The site is used for manufacturing, and has several buildings, parking lots, structures, and a detention pond. Kokomo is presently implementing a qualifying project in Habitats – Landscaped - Pollinator Garden on 0.039 acre. On the ground work began in May 2013 and pollinator plants are exclusively native. Kokomo’s stated conservation objective is "a pollinator garden provides pollinators with a food source to help ensure their survival." Employees are engaged in pulling weeds, annual maintenance, and monitoring. Partners (Chemico Mays and Clean Harbors) are engaged in annual cleanups and monitoring. The project aligns with the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge through Pollinator Partnerships,

Practices and Impacts
  • The Team weeds the garden on a yearly basis. Mulch is applied every other year. Additional maintenance is done as needed (watering, plant replacements, and/or repair of structures).
  • An assessment form is completed during spring and fall to evaluate plant species survival. Logbooks are handy for the Team to use. Twice a year observation logs note wildlife observed.
  • Overall, the pollinator garden is successful and is challenging as plants are spreading in areas not anticipated.