BASF Corporation


Lakeland, Florida, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Native Landscape
About the Program
BASF Corporation's Landia site encompasses five acres near Lakeland, Florida. The site was placed on the EPA Superfund program's National Priorities List in 2000. Going above and beyond the cleanup requirements set forth by the EPA, BASF and their partners have restored the land to conditions that provide wildlife habitat value by planting diverse native species, including red maples, slash pines, and poplar trees to the site's 6.5 acres, and managing the wetlands of the site as wildlife habitat. The initial habitat enhancement and remediation project is located on a 5-acre area that was previously degraded with no habitat value. With employee participation and numerous partnerships, the site is now comprised of various habitats and vegetation to support a wetland community, pollinator meadow, and a woodland.

Practices and Impacts
  • The site is actively maintained through mowing, removing plant debris, weeding, pruning of trees, tree and plant replacement as needed, and other common maintenance activities. 
  • Pesticide and herbicide applications are completed as needed.
  • Vegetation is actively monitored, and future steps are created as needed. 
  • Since 2011, the team at BASF have managed the site with the aid of a landscape management company, who conduct regular pond algae mitigation, mulching of pollinator beds, twice a month grassland mowing, quarterly application of herbicide to weed species, and plant replacement as needed. Vegetation is monitored annually to inform future management activities.