DTE Energy

Newport Service Center

Newport, Michigan, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Pollinator Garden

About the Program 
DTE Energy is a Detroit-based diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services. Located about 2 miles northwest of Lake Erie, the Newport Service Center is in Berlin Charter Township, Michigan. The Newport Service Center is host to a 0.007 acre landscaped pollinator garden. On the ground work began in May 2016 with a conservation objective of  decreasing the amount of non-native turf grass on site to create valuable habitat for wildlife, decrease mowing activities to reduce CO2, and reduce storm water runoff. The garden has replaced a former area of turf grass, and follows a no pesticide rule. Employees are fully engaged in the implementation and development of the project. The project aligns with the Michigan Pollinator Initiative and DTE’s corporate policy for pollinator gardens.

Practices and Impacts

  • The pollinator garden uses only native plant species.
  • The garden is managed by weeding, adding new plantings, retaining seed heads over winter, and thinning of overgrown plants to allow for a great diversity of plant species.
  • The team implements the Newport Pesticide Policy of limited pesticide use and no pesticide use in the pollinator garden.
  • Plants that have died back are cut in late spring to ensure that all over-wintering insects like butterflies and moths in chrysalises can emerge safely.
  • Plants are monitored monthly through photo documentation, and a log of garden plants and pollinators using the garden is maintained.