BASF Corporation


Riverview, Michigan, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Eagle Scout Butterfly Habitat
Earth Day Planting
Awareness & Community Engagement
About the Program
The BASF Corporation manages a small remediation site that has become a wildlife habitat site, previously certified by the wildlife habitat council, located adjacent to the Detroit River in Michigan. The site, called Riverview, is managed in part by employees of the BASF Corporation, a chemical product manufacturing company with assistance from consultants from DeBackers landscaping as well as Arcadis contractors. The site has several projects underway including a pollinator project, a landscaped area and an educational project for site employees, all aiming to improve the community's knowledge of native plants and conservation efforts.

Practices and Impacts
  • The small landscaped garden, installed in 2017, continues to see successful growth of native pollen-producing plants, especially since the . Contractors from Arcadis and DeBackers landscaping help to prepare the plant beds for new plantings as well as water and monitor the garden. BASF Corporation employees participate in planting and monitoring within the garden.
  • Since the garden’s installation in 2017, pollinator species have been visiting the garden and finding it a suitable habitat. Employees and contractors photograph the pollinator species at least once annually.
  • In 2018, just over a dozen employees joined together on site to plant native plant species in the landscaped area. The plants were chosen and planted with guidance from DeBackers landscaping and the project aligns with the BASF Corporation’s commitment to community engagement and Michigan State University’s efforts to plant more native plants.