CRH Americas Materials, Inc.

Stoneco, Maybee Quarry

Maybee, Michigan, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Office Garden Area
About the Program
The Maybee Stoneco Quarry located in Maybee, Michigan, is owned by CRH Americas Materials, Inc. The quarry continues to serve as a supplier for crushed limestone, sand and gravel, with a small portion of the property set aside for designated wildlife habitat. The approximately 100 employees on site have worked to create a natural wildlife habitat, by introducing pollinator species and designing a landscaped area to attract native pollinators. Since their first certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council in 2018, Stoneco continues to support pollinator species populations in the state of Michigan by managing and maintaining viable wildlife habitat on site.

Practices and Impacts
  • To encourage pollinator populations in the area, employees worked to plant native pollen producing plants in several areas around the quarry. Bug boxes were also installed with design considerations for different types of bug species, all bug species are monitored and recorded at least annually. 
  • The pollinator landscaped garden is managed and maintained by employees on site annually. Management of the pollinator habitat on site includes planting new native vegetative species, weeding and mulching the gardens and watering. Plant survival and bloom times were recorded for planted vegetation.