General Motors Company

General Motors do Brasil - Chevrolet Logistics Center

Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Planting Sustainability
Formal Learning
About the Program
GM do Brasil has a qualifying habitat project. The project is located at the Chevrolet Logistics Center in São Paulo, Brazil. The objectives of the project are to preserve green spaces, promote diversity of native fauna and flora, and to identify and quantify the existing species. The project is being implemented by excluding regular maintenance of mowing and pruning in 5 distinct areas. Employees record progress through regular monitoring of plants and animals observed in the unmanaged areas.\

Practices and Impacts
  • The project is divided into 5 areas around the buildings totaling 1.7 acres.
  • A baseline plant inventory was taken in 2018 at each area.
  • Employees conduct monthly monitoring of native and invasive plants in each area. New species are logged. Unidentified plants were recorded by photos. Insects and other fauna are also recorded. Date, time, name of observer, photos, weather, and species data are entered into a spreadsheet.
  • So far, the project team has identified 11 different species of plants that developed in the area. The team also observed that after 450 days, the growth of new plant species decreased.
  • Since the project began, the presence of insects, mainly pollinators, has increased.  Many butterflies and bees are now seen in the area.
  • Once a year during Environmental Week, students from a public school of the region visit the project site.