Daisetta Wildlife Program

Daisetta, Texas, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Well Pad ground nesting
Rocky Areas
Fenceline meadow
About the Program
ExxonMobil leads the Daisetta Wildlife Program in Daisetta, Texas surrounded by acres of undeveloped forest habitat. The facility aims to enhance the wildlife community by providing habitat for avian species, pollinators, and other wildlife through gravel nesting pads, and landscaped areas on the site. Employees obtain technical advice from Trinity Tree consulting service, biologists, and local wildlife centers for planning and development of wildlife habitats.

Practices and Impacts
  • In 2019, the team began actively managing 0.2 acres of meadow landscaped to provide a vegetative transition zone and foraging habitat for pollinators, avian species, and other wildlife while enhancing biodiversity of property. The team maintains soil fertility and biodiversity by consulting with local biologists and plant experts and mows the area biannually.  A barrier was installed to minimize disturbance of the planted area.
  • 4.6 acres of rocky habitat was created in 2019 to provide alternative habitat for ground nesting avian species. The team actively manages the property and installed fencing to protect birds from predators and erected signage to minimize disturbance. Gravel was used to allow water drainage in the habitat. Additionally, employees monitor species activity and vegetative cover bimonthly. 34 inspections have been logged since the inception of the project.