Georgia-Pacific Willow Blvd/A-Site Landfills

Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
GP Willow Blvd/A-Site Landfill Wetland
Wetlands & Water Bodies
Georgia Pacific Wetland Invasive Species Removal
Invasive Species

About the Program
The Georgia-Pacific Willow Blvd/A Site Landfill is located in southwest Michigan. The team there is managing an existing 39-acre wetland. The conservation aim of the project is to create a healthy wetland ecosystem via removal of invasive plants known to be detrimental to the region, and increasing native vegetation coverage, resulting in a habitat which can support native wildlife.

Practices and Impacts

  • One project manager oversees the project and 3 contracting companies. This employee creates and distributes educational materials to coworkers regarding wetlands and invasive species.
  • Contracting companies have assisted with the project since its onset. They conduct research, field work, data collection and analysis, remove invasive plants and reseed native plants. The contractors apply species-specific treatments twice each year.
  • The project coordinates with Kalamazoo River Watershed Council to maintain and restore wetlands along the river.
  • WHC guidelines and state recommendations are followed for managing invasive species and replanting and protecting native species. By 2019, invasive species had been reduced to 19% and native species increased to 81%.
  • The project team maintains an undisturbed patch of milkweed plants with other nectar plants nearby to benefit pollinators, including monarch butterflies.