Exelon Corporation

Goat Hill Serpentine Barrens Restoration

Nottingham, Pennsylvania, United States

Certified through 2022

Project Name
Project Type
Goat Hill Serpentine Barrens Restoration
Rocky Areas
About the Program
Goat Hill Serpentine Barrens Restoration is an initiative from Exelon Corporation. The study area is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, in an area with the presence of serpentinite bedrock that, when weathered, form a thin and dry soil unsuitable for many plant species. This particularity of the area allows for unique habitat that hosts rare and endangered species in the state. In the two acres area of the project, invasive species as managed and barren areas as increased to allow for the development of the soil and native species to thrive.

Practices and Impacts
  • The restoration of this rocky area started in June of 2019. During this year of the project on the ground, invasive species have been removed and vegetation and percentage of barren areas have been frequently monitored. It was already observed an increase in native species presence and percentage of barren areas, which would allow for the weathering of rocks and development of the soil.
  • Working with WSSI, baseline data was collected and a rigorous vegetation monitoring protocol was created. Since 2019, the vegetation has been monitored several times per year at permanent monitoring stations.