Toyota Motor North America

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing

Madison, Alabama, United States

Certified Silver through 2022

Project Name
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Spring Pygmy Sunfish
Other Species
Spring Pygmy Sunfish
Species of Concern
About the Program
Mazda Toyota Manufacturing is located in Huntsville, north-central Alabama. It is adjacent to Moss Spring, which runs into Beaverdam Creek. The area comprises a conservation corridor that is made up of permanently protected land managed by local land trusts. 29 acres of wetland and water bodies make up the 1,100 acres under the conservation agreement. MTM decided to no longer withdrawal groundwater for facility operation, instead using a stormwater management system to avoid impacting the Beaverdam Spring and Creek system, ensuring water quality that is unlikely to adversely impact the spring pygmy sunfish. The conservation corridor will provide a buffer area for the Beaverdam Spring and Creek system from adjacent activities, protecting the recharge areas supporting the spring.
Practices and Impacts
  • Baseline surveys were performed to establish presence of the sunfish and assess the habitat.
  • Ongoing monthly monitoring of the fish is carried out according to protocol agreed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Collected data such as age, sex, and size of fish is shared with USFWS and other partners to aid research and management.
  • Data is also collected on water quality and other parameters to ensure the habitat remains of high quality.