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The overarching mission of the Ash Grove Cement Company Midlothian, TX Plant’s conservation education program is to provide learning experiences for all ages – from adults to scouts to small children.

Students at the multiple daycares on-site regularly have the chance to explore the nature trail and learn about things like local wildlife and habitats, outdoor safety and geodes (rocks that are plain on the outside but can have beautiful crystals on the inside). Older groups of children are given opportunities to decorate and install bird boxes along the trail.

Local Scouts are very active participants in activities on-site that help them achieve merit badges and awards, and lead nature walks along the trail to demonstrate what they’ve learned. Of note, two Boy Scouts are working towards the Boy Scouts of America William T. Hornaday Award (recognizing those that have made significant contributions to conservation) by constructing and installing bluebird boxes, building a bird blind, planting vegetation, and identifying and managing invasive plants. Additionally, an Eagle Scout created plans for the construction and installation of benches on-site as part of his Eagle Scout project.

The team uses a robust feedback process to continually adapt activities to meet learners needs.

The team provides ample opportunities for local nature enthusiasts to enhance their love of nature and learning. Aspiring birders can participate in the beginners’ bird identification course and the annual Christmas Bird Count, while botany enthusiasts can take part in the Winter Tree Identification course or join the “Invaders of Texas” team to control invasive plants on-site. Other educational programs provide learners the opportunity to dig for fossils and geodes and identify findings. Professional-level training programs are available about botany, fossils, and geodes for local organizations including the Dallas Zoo, the Dallas Zoologist Society and the Dallas Paleontological Society.

The success of the Midlothian, TX Plant’s educational programs is attributed not only to recognizing the community’s needs and providing learning experiences for all ages, but also to a robust feedback process that allows the team to continually adapt activities to meet learners’ needs as well as educational program goals.

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