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WHC Project Guidances can be used to design and implement a robust conservation program according to certification requirements.

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What is a WHC Project Guidance?

Project Guidances adhere to the three principles of Conservation Certification:


Project Guidances provide an easy entrée to the act of conservation, the ability to scale a project from modest objectives to exceptional outcomes and, the complete information needed to prepare a successful application.


Project Guidances were developed with the input of multiple stakeholders, helping inform the content from a variety of expert viewpoints.

Driving Change.

Project Guidances are the building blocks of a conservation program and will drive change by providing meaningful data and reporting — creating a powerful incentive for participants to excel and new companies to join the effort.

Themes and Categories

Conservation Certification is organized into 26 possible conservation themes which are part of four conservation categories: Habitat, Species Management, Education and Awareness, and Other Options. Project Guidances are categorized as follows:

  • Habitat – Projects that focus on conservation actions to protect, restore and manage different habitats. IUCNs habitat classification scheme is the basis for the Habitat theme definitions. WHC added Landscaped habitat to the IUCN list in consideration of the many office parks and other such landscapes its members manage for biodiversity.
  • Species Management – Projects addressing the conservation needs of targeted wildlife species or groups of species. Organized by commonly accepted species groupings.
  • Education and Awareness – Projects to improve awareness, understanding and skills relating to conservation and the environment. Organized according to the approaches used and the goals being met.
  • Other Options – Specialized projects that add value to your conservation efforts. Examples include: incorporating biodiversity into a site clean up or green infrastructure project; taking site-wide or systematic approaches through Integrated Vegetative Management or processes that address invasive species; or going above and beyond to protect lands or imperiled species through actions and agreements.

How was the content developed?

The content in most of the Project Guidances is informed by an Advisory Committee – a group of individuals, each an expert in that particular project area, drawn from across government, academia, NGO and the consultant community. WHC sought recommendations from WHC staff and conservation partners to ensure geographic and professional diversity in the make up of each Advisory Committee.

When an Advisory Committee was convened around a theme, it was posed a series of questions:

  • What are the essential features and actions required for recognition?
  • What is the hierarchy of features and actions that would increase the project’s value?
  • Where are the opportunities for companies to make a real and lasting difference in this area?
  • How can this project be scaled across a fence-line or across a suite of facilities?
  • What education opportunities exist?
  • What community engagement opportunities exist?

The answers to these questions and the resulting discussions provide the content for the Project Guidance as well as the assessment framework for each program seeking Conservation Certification. Project Guidances that were informed by an Advisory Committee are designated as “Stakeholder Informed.”

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