Social Impact

WHC empowers companies to cross fence lines and engage in nature-positive stewardship actions that produce benefits to the communities where they work.

Social Impact - Wildlife Habitat Council

Companies worldwide are mobilizing their lands for forestry and biodiversity projects that address a wide range of environmental issues while also forging community connections – both critical in securing and maintaining social license to operate. WHC develops forestry stewardship programs for companies and community organizations to work together to benefit people and the environment. Our partners are committed to collaboration, community needs and maintenance for long-term success.

Work with WHC to Enhance Local Communities and Biodiversity with Nature-based Solutions

WHC leverages state and federal funding to empower private sector investment in Nature-based Solutions to prevent air and water pollution and enhance community green spaces through the following services:

  • Forest biodiversity restoration and management
  • Habitat restoration and management
  • Ecological land reclamation (degraded or contaminated sites)
  • Green infrastructure design and installation

Community-based conservation projects provide biodiversity uplift, ecosystem services and resident empowerment. All WHC engagements consider community needs to be paramount, with a special consideration to address canopy inequities.

WHC Trees Planting

Developing Strong Relationships

WHC’s best-in-class approach to creating resilient conservation programs connects corporate ambitions, community needs, and local, state and national environmental goals. We do so by developing and nurturing relationships in neighborhood and board rooms. Our expert team is experienced in the following areas:

  • Community and industry partnership development
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Environmental equity prioritization
  • Corporate stakeholder engagement
  • Event production logistics
  • Community impact metrics, analyses and reporting

Contact the Social Impact Team

Daniel Goldfarb

Daniel Goldfarb

Director, Social Impact
Patricia Billette

Patricia Billette

Program Manager, Social Impact
Savanna Delise

Savanna Delise

Conservation Coordinator, Social Impact
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