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Read the latest news from WHC. Members of the media are welcome to contact us for interviews and comments related to business and nature.


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Interviews and Presentations

WHC senior leadership is available for interviews and presentations on a wide array of topics related to biodiversity and business.

Margaret O’Gorman

Margaret O’Gorman

Anna Willingshofer

Anna Willingshofer

Chief Science and Innovation Officer
Daniel Goldfarb

Daniel Goldfarb

Director, Social Impact
Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell

Director, Consulting
  • Corporate citizenship 
  • Social license to operate 
  • Global frameworks (CBD, TNFD, SBTN, etc.) 
  • ESG (Environmental Social Governance) 
  • Sustainability reporting 
  • Community engagement 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Generating “buy-in” internally 
  • Sector-specific issues (what is the building materials or automotive industry doing?) 
  • Partnering w/ WHC benefits 
  • Creating a framework for site-based corporate conservation 
  • Success stories 
  • Nature-based solutions 
  • Climate adaptation and resilience 
  • Biodiversity crisis 
  • Urban and community forestry 
  • Certification 
  • Land conservation agreements 
  • Remediation and restoration 
  • Education (Awareness, Training, STEM) 
  • Habitats (Grasslands, Wetlands, Forests, Landscaped, Deserts, Caves) 
  • Species (Bats, Birds, Endangered Species, Invasive Species, Mammals, Pollinators, Reptiles/Amphibians) 

Media and Speaker Contacts

Monica Keller

Monica Keller

Chief Marketing Officer
Patricia Leidemer

Patricia Leidemer

Senior Manager, Marketing
Megan Thomas

Megan Thomas

Manager, Content Creation
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