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WHC Elevate

Join WHC Elevate, a professional network for women working in business and nature. Elevate is currently open to employees of WHC member companies.

The WHC Elevate women’s network seeks to provide opportunities to share innovative ideas, exchange insights and engage in mentorship, learning and creating connections.

Thank you to CRH for sponsoring Elevate’s 2024 inaugural events.

“At CRH, we recognize the strength and opportunity that diversity brings and the important role it plays in delivering sustainability goals. Sustainability leadership is a core focus for our business and we’re proud to support WHC and the launch of Elevate, creating a much-needed learning and mentoring space for women working in business and nature.”

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Upcoming Events

As the sponsor of WHC Elevate, CRH will host a networking event at the WHC Conservation Conference, June 4-5, 2024. To register and for more information, visit the WHC Conference page. Details on the Elevate event at the WHC Conference will be published shortly.

Past Events

WHC Elevate’s first meeting was held virtually in February 2024 and sponsored by CRH. The event was attended by WHC member employees who attended the WHC Business & Nature Summit, their colleagues and additional WHC members. 

Growing the Network

Elevate is currently open to all employees of WHC member companies. Network expansion will be announced as the group’s mission and guiding principles are further established. Elevate’s goal is to become an inclusive group for all women working at the intersection of business and nature. 

WHC Elevate adopts an inclusive definition of women. We are welcoming and respectful of women, including trans women and those who are nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and anyone who identifies as a woman in a way that is significant to them. We also welcome allies who are committed to creating environments that are supportive of people who are typically underrepresented in the workplace and beyond.

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