Exclusive Invitation-Only Event

Business and Nature Summit Nov 6-7, 2023 Phoenix

A Leadership Dialogue

Decoding the Landscape of Emerging Frameworks and Standards

WHC Business & Nature Summit is a high-level gathering of corporate leaders working at the intersection of business and biodiversity. The Summit will highlight the evolving landscape of regulatory and voluntary drivers for nature engagement and the prioritization of integrating nature-related considerations into risk assessments, disclosures and decision making.

As the originator of connecting companies to nature, WHC is presenting this exclusive event with timely, actionable content and idea sharing as invitation-only — providing space for conversations related to challenges, opportunities and solutions in a sales-free environment.

DAY 1 |  MON, NOV 6

Welcome Reception  |  5:00pm – 7:00pm
Includes launch of Elevate – Women in Business and Nature Network

DAY 2 |  TUE, NOV 7

Breakfast  |  7:30am – 8:30am

Welcome  |  8:30am – 8:45am

Session 1  |  8:45am – 9:45am
The Frameworks and Standards Landscape:  An open discussion of the opportunities and challenges of nature-related disclosures and reporting requirements

In our rapidly evolving world, voluntary frameworks and standards for addressing nature-related risks and enhancing reporting and disclosure are quickly gaining momentum. These frameworks and standards took center stage at Climate Week NYC with the recent release of TNFD, the introduction of the first corporate science-based targets for nature (SBTN), the strengthening of GRI’s Biodiversity Standard, and the ongoing development of tools and guidance to implement the Global Biodiversity Framework which contains specific expectations for business. Leaders from these organizations will discuss the solutions and opportunities for companies and their nature-positive journeys. Later, after the conclusion of Session 2, attendees will have the opportunity to breakout into groups to develop questions, responses and comments and then engage the panelists from both sessions in discussions. Session 1 will also serve as a precursor for  a deeper discussion in the afternoon workshop.

Session 2  |  10:00am – 10:45am
Nature Action 100: The role of the financial sector in achieving a nature-positive world

Nature Action 100, the first global investor engagement initiative to address the urgent crisis of nature and biodiversity loss around the world, unveiled a list of 100 companies in key sectors in which 190 institutional investor participants will engage. Representatives from the initiative will introduce  Nature Action 100, explore the sectors identified as high-risk, and elucidate the actions the initiative will take to reach its goals. In the second part of this session, attendees will have the opportunity to breakout into groups to develop questions, responses, and comments and then engage the panelists from both sessions in discussions.

Breakout Groups  |  10:45am – 11:30am
Participants will gather in small groups and develop questions, responses and comments for the panelists from both Session 1 and Session 2.

Super Panel Q&A  |  11:30am – 12:30pm
In this dynamic and engaging Q&A session, participants will bring forward the questions, responses and comments developed during the breakout groups, for discussion with panelists from both the Frameworks and the Financial session panelists.

Lunch  |  12:30pm – 1:30pm             

Deep Dive Workshop  |  1:30pm – 5:00pm
This afternoon workshop will empower participants to leverage their grasp of the frameworks to pinpoint their company’s current position in their nature-positive journey. WHC’s expert facilitators will lead attendees in an idea, insight and solution exchange, and participants will depart with a clear vision, next steps and actionable items to advance their work.

Workshop Part 1  |  1:30pm – 3:00pm
Putting TNFD and SBTN to Work: Assessing nature-related impacts, risks, dependencies, and opportunities to setting nature-related targets.

Break  |  3:00pm – 3:30pm

Workshop Part 2 |  3:30pm – 5:00pm
Corporate Strategic Thinking and On-the-Ground Actions: From nature strategy and nature action plans to monitoring and communications.

Closing Dinner  |  6:30pm – 8:30pm

WHC has invited senior leaders from the following companies to join the conversation and share the opportunities and challenges within the emerging landscape of nature-related disclosures and reporting requirements.

Aramco Americas
Cleveland Cliffs
DTE Energy
Exelon Corporation
General Motors
Grupo Mexico
Johnson & Johnson
Koch Industries Marathon Petroleum
Niagara Water
Ontario Power Generation
Summit Materials

The WHC Business & Nature Summit is an invitation-only event. For registration information, please contact Melissa Scheiber.


Return on Investment

While other opportunities exist to engage with organizations about their nature-positive journeys and learn about the ever-evolving intersection of business and nature, these discussions often feature the same small number of companies, overlooking the challenges and focusing solely on successes.

Through its 35 years of working at the intersection of business and nature, WHC recognizes the complicated reality of new ESG expectations, which can be challenging to implement due to lack of resources, knowledge and support. The high-level dialogue at the WHC Business & Nature Summit will address these issues in a frank and open conversation around shared challenges, solutions and opportunities.

All inclusive at an elegant, distinctive location

The luxurious, boutique Camby Phoenix Hotel Biltmore will host the Summit in the Biltmore area of downtown Phoenix. The Camby offers onsite restaurants, rooftop bar, outdoor pool and mountain views.

Registration includes two nights at the Camby, invitation to the outdoor Welcome Reception, all meals including a closing Dinner Reception.

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