STEM and Environmental Education

Resources to implement meaningful conservation education programs

Corporate STEM and environmental education initiatives offer meaningful, equitable and accessible opportunities for learners of all ages

WHC helps corporations around the world develop robust formal learning, training, awareness, and community engagement projects. By helping learners worldwide gain an appreciation for nature and providing them with technical knowledge needed to protect it, these programs have made invaluable contributions to the natural world and their communities. On this page, you’ll find a wide variety of WHC resources available to help companies implement these programs at their sites. Contact WHC Consulting for custom guidance. 

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Asbury Methodist Village | Caring for Habitat and Promoting Wellness at a Retirement Community
Ash Grove Cement Company | Hands-on Learning for All Ages
BASF | Preserving and Enhancing Biodiversity for the Community
CEMEX | A Local Mine Partners with Schools to Provide One-of-a-Kind Educational Opportunities for Students
Chevron | A Thriving Partnership for Graduate Student Research and High-Tech Monitoring
CRH Americas Materials | A Unique Wildlife Oasis Near the Heart of Atlanta
FCA | Partners and Employees Create Habitat for Wetland Birds, Pollinators and More
Fidelity Investments | Large Scale Conservation through Employee Empowerment
Florida Power & Light | Nature and Industry Peacefully Coexist at the Manatee Lagoon
General Motors | Pollinator Gardens for Everyone: Engaging Students of All Abilities in Pollinator Education
Marathon Petroleum | A Unique Outdoor Classroom for Illinois Students
Waste Management | Helping Boy Scouts Achieve Their Goals through Conservation Projects 

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