Assessing the Value and Benefits of Trees: An Intro to i-Tree

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Learn about i-Tree, a free, state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed software suite from the U.S. Forest Service for assessing and valuing forests and community trees. i-Tree helps thousands of communities across the globe strengthen forest management and advocacy efforts by quantifying tree structure, threats, and benefits such as greenhouse gas reduction and air quality improvement.

Led by Davey Tree, North America’s largest employee-owned arborist company, this webinar will introduce key i-Tree tools and strategies to engage audiences and assist land management and conservation efforts of all sizes and land types, including natural areas, corporations, cities, homes and schools.

Learn how to use i-Tree tools and associated applications to:

  • Assess human and forest population characteristics and threats to prioritize areas for tree planting and protection
  • Select the best species to plant based on desired services and conservation objectives
  • Quantify the effects of tree canopy and impervious cover on water quantity and quality
  • Estimate long-term environmental benefits and values of a tree planting project


  • Al Zelaya, Urban Forester, The Davey Tree Expert Company

View the webinar

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