Be a Friend to Cicadas – A WHC Kid-Friendly Webinar

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Millions – maybe even trillions! – of cicadas are getting ready to emerge across the eastern U.S. This group of cicadas is known as Brood X — their parents paid us a visit back in 2004 and their children will come visit us in 2038. The lifecycles that some cicadas have adopted may seem random to us, but the science behind this amazing phenomenon is complex and fascinating.

You may not like cicadas for being large and loud, but they are much cooler creatures than you think. In this webinar, two cicada experts will tell us all about these unique creatures to help us gain a greater appreciation.

You’ll learn:

  • What cicadas are, and what makes their lifecycles so unique
  • The differences between periodical and dog-day (annual) cicadas
  • Common misconceptions about cicadas

Who should take this webinar:

  • This webinar is perfect for parents and kids to watch together!


  • Dr. John Lill, George Washington University
  • Dr. Martha Weiss, Georgetown University

View the webinar

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