Building a Conservation Program: Mapping Your Certification Program

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Projects are the building blocks of a conservation program, so choosing the right project type is key. The challenge is determining how the actions you are taking (or plan to take) will map into the WHC Conservation Certification framework.  

In this webinar, WHC staff will discuss how to identify and select the appropriate projects to build a program. You’ll learn the different components to consider in order to adequately map your program, including habitats to include, the focus of activities occurring on-site, selecting an appropriate project type and determining when a project is actively or non-actively managed. In addition, WHC will share several case studies of how different programs map activities into different project types. This webinar is suitable for both beginners and experienced applicants who want to streamline their projects and ensure they are getting credit for their hard work. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • What program mapping is and why it is important  
  • Guidance on the mapping process, supported with examples inspired by past applications 
  • How to maximize your credit for managing and monitoring multiple habitats and/or species  

 Who should take this webinar: 

  • Companies on their first WHC Conservation Certification application cycle 
  • Conservation teams that have had challenges in identifying the appropriate project 
  • Anyone interested in learning more about specific components of the overall Certification process   


  • Sophie Maass, Conservation Coordinator, WHC  
  • Delainey Williams, Certification Manager, WHC 

View the webinar

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