Certification 101: The Basics

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This webinar will cover the basics of WHC Conservation Certification®, the website and application process. Learn what’s involved in applying for certification (both initial and renewal applications), requirements for projects to qualify, and how to build and submit an application using the Certification website. This webinar is recommended as a primer to the webinar, Certification 102: Keys to a Good Application.

You’ll learn:

  • The structure of Conservation Certification and what it means for you
  • How to determine project types
  • What the base requirements are for projects to be eligible for certification
  • The application and renewal process
  • Insider tips on using the Certification website

Who should take this webinar:

  • First time applicants
  • Applicants who need a refresher on the website and application process
  • Anyone new to Conservation Certification and/or the application process


  • Caitlin Banigan, Manager, Conservation Certification, Wildlife Habitat Council

View the webinar

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