Certification 102: Keys to a Good Certification Application

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This webinar will focus on items that have the biggest impact on the overall strength of a certification application. Using real-life examples, we will present some of the key areas that can strengthen certification applications to improve scores and best capture your on-the-ground work. We’ll review what you need to know to successfully apply for conservation while avoiding some of the common shortcomings. This webinar will build on information presented in the Certification 101: The Basics webinar; participants are encouraged to view that webinar first.

You’ll learn:

• How scoring and recognition work
• What areas of the application to focus on for a high score
• What other applicants are doing well (with real-life examples)
• Insider tips on how to avoid common shortcomings when completing the application forms

Who should take this webinar:

• Anyone who is planning to submit an application
• Applicants looking to strengthen their application


  • Hannah Tailor, Senior Manager, Certification, Wildlife Habitat Council
  • Sophie Maass, Conservation Coordinator, Wildlife Habitat Council

View the webinar

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