STEM Learning in Your Habitat

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) has caught the interest of many businesses and corporations wanting to do their part in making sure students are developing a 21st century skill set.  During this course you will learn how your corporate habitat can be a platform for offering quality STEM lessons. You’ll experience a sample STEM lesson first-hand from a teacher who works with a Corporate Lands for Learning of the Year-nominated program as he discusses the skills students build through participation and ties to the habitat, so that you to may use your environment as the integrating context for STEM lessons, too. Students will also be online to share their thoughts on how these hands-on experiences in the environment have helped them in their studies.

Level: Recommended for anyone using, or hoping to use, habitat to teach science, math, engineering or technology. Not just for Corporate Lands for Learning programs, this course offers ideas that can enhance conservation outcomes by providing scientific information and ideas to increase community engagement while supporting corporate goals in education, including STEM efforts.

Gary Kratzer, Naturelab Coordinator, McNeese State University
Thelma Redick, Director of Conservation Education and Outreach, Wildlife Habitat Council

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