Don’t Lose It, Reuse It: Innovative Ways to Use Waste to Create Wildlife Habitat

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Many businesses have created innovative and fascinating ways to reuse waste, closing the loop on materials sourced throughout their supply chain. This is especially true in the world of conservation, where companies are now reusing supplies once destined for landfills to create wildlife habitat and solve specific environmental issues. Join General Motors’ Global Manager of Waste Reduction as he details how GM has successfully turned battery box covers into bat and bird boxes. You’ll also hear from Martin Ecosystems’ President, who will discuss how recycled materials can be used to create turtle basking islands or floating marshlands.

You’ll learn:

  • Successful ways companies have used waste to create habitat
  • Key rules for reuse of materials
  • About the importance of product development and testing before its reuse


  • John Bradburn, Global Manager of Waste Reduction, General Motors
  • Nicole Waguespack, President, Martin Ecosystems

View the webinar

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