Forestry on a Smaller Scale: Your Guide to Planting Microforests

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July 23, 2024 
1 – 2 pm EDT 

Microforestry, or the practice of densely planting local species to accelerate forest development, is growing in popularity. The benefits of microforests range from wildlife habitat to reduced temperatures to improved mental health, and they require little to no maintenance once established. Microforests’ suitability for various sizes and types of lands — including small sites and urban locations — make this nature-based solution an ideal option for corporate landowners.  

In this webinar, hear how WHC member WM became a pioneer in corporate microforest planting. WM team members will share the challenges, successes and lessons learned from their microforestry work, from the importance of working with a knowledgeable partner to the initial maintenance required.  

What you’ll learn: 

  • The benefits of microforests 
  • Tips for planning, implementing and maintaining a corporate microforest 
  • How to gain third-party recognition for a microforest via WHC Certification 

Who should take this webinar: 

  • Corporate conservation programs interested in developing a new microforest 
  • Existing microforestry sites looking for further support and information 
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about this innovative solution 


  • Chris Elder, Project Manager, WM 
  • Aycan Kaptaner, Community & Government Relations Manager, WM 
  • Joey Mendolia, Consultant, WHC 
  • Zeke Werden, District Manager, WM 
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