From Pest to Pesto: Four Invasive Species You Can Eat!

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Invasive plant and animal species can have a devastating effect on ecosystems, as they outcompete native species for resources and proliferate without any natural predators or controls. Not only do invasive species pose a threat to biodiversity — with 42% of threatened or endangered species at risk because of invasives — but they can also create safety issues for employees and community members. 

Removing invasive species allows native species to thrive and restores the balance of the ecosystem – but once you’ve hand-pulled those invasive weeds or netted that invasive fish, did you know you can eat some of them? In this webinar, WHC staff will share several simple recipes incorporating invasive species found in various parts of the U.S. Learn how to reuse invasive plant and animal species in a way that is good for the environment — and your stomach! 

What you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of removing invasive species 
  • Tips for identifying potential invasives 
  • A few recipe ideas that utilize invasive plants and animals 

Who should take this webinar: 

  • Corporate conservation programs focused on removing invasive species 
  • People interested in foraging for invasive flora and fauna 
  • Anyone who wants to try an interesting new recipe 


  • Erin Allegro, Senior Manager, Business Development, WHC 
  • Abigail McBride, Consultant, WHC 
  • Melissa Scheiber, Senior Manager, Events, WHC 
  • Megan Thomas, Manager, Content, WHC 

View the webinar

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