Getting Buy-In From the Top: How to Gain Approval for Conservation Projects

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Many site-level employees like plant managers, EHS, shift workers and even administrative personnel may have an interest in nature and community engagement but have difficulty making the case to their regional or corporate counterparts to implement these efforts. WHC staff will discuss how site-level employees can identify and communicate the concepts of corporate conservation and the company-wide benefits of such activities in order to get approval and secure funding for these efforts.

You’ll learn:

  • How to communicate the company-wide benefits of conservation activities
  • Helpful language and pathways for talking to corporate leaders about conservation
  • How to leverage WHC resources in communicating with regional and corporate managers

Who should take this webinar:

  • Employees interested in implementing conservation at their facility for the first time
  • Local stakeholders working with or considering a partnership with companies to implement conservation activities
  • Those with existing corporate conservation programs wishing to communicate the benefits of expanding their on-site activities
  • Employees wanting to make the case to corporate leadership for increasing their company’s positive impact through participation of additional sites in corporate conservation


  • Rob Campbell, Sr. Manager, Wildlife Habitat Council
  • Bonnie Doggett, Biologist, Blanton & Associates, Inc.

View the webinar

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