Managing Land for Healthy Deer Herds and Habitat

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Humans enjoy seeing, studying and hunting whitetail deer; these majestic creatures have also gained much attention because of the effect that they can have on the ecological integrity of the landscape. For all these reasons, people have sought to manage deer populations both locally and regionally, but often struggle to find the best practices. What is the right population for my area? How can I best improve my habitat to support deer? What are the best ways to check on the health of the local deer population? How are hunting limits set? Can taking does actually increase fawn production? What’s the best management program for me? Let expert Matt Ross of Quality Deer Management Association answer these and other questions during this course. (Feel free to submit your specific questions in advance as you register for the webinar).

Level: Appropriate for those who already manage/hunt deer or those looking for the basic knowledge to design a plan of deer management through hunting and habitat manipulation on private property; no biology background is required.

Matt Ross, Certifications Programs Manager, Quality Deer Management Association

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