Moths as a Performance Indicator: An Intro to Terrestrial Rapid BioAssessment

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Moths are largely nocturnal creatures, but they can shed light on local biodiversity in a unique way. Many of the world’s 160,000+ moth species have niche habitat needs. Knowing what species are present in an area (and which ones are conspicuously absent) can therefore tell us a lot about that habitat’s health.

In this webinar, Blaine Rothauser, a senior ecologist from GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. will share first-hand insights on how teams can translate moth inventories into meaningful baseline data about habitat value, while also helping us gain a new appreciation for moths’ beauty and diversity.

What you’ll learn:  

  • Why baseline data is important to conservation work
  • How moths can provide important clues about environmental integrity
  • Strategies for using species inventories to inform project design and adaptive management

Who should attend:  

  • Site teams looking for a new approach to data collection and habitat assessment
  • Anyone who wants to gain a greater appreciation for an overlooked group of insects


  • Blaine Rothauser, Senior Natural Resource Specialist/Senior Ecologist/Rare Species Biologist, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

View the webinar

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