Proactive Conservation: Supporting At-Risk Species through Collaborative Action

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While reversing population loss among threatened and endangered species is critical, it is also important to proactively address the needs of species that are at-risk of potential listing. Voluntarily working to keep at-risk species from being listed benefits not only wildlife, but also agencies and landowners by supporting their conservation goals and decreasing the need for regulatory action.   

In this webinar, leaders from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and the conservation coalition Conservation Without Conflict will discuss the case for conserving at-risk species and how voluntary collaborative efforts between nonprofits, agencies and corporate landowners lead to mutually beneficial environmental outcomes.    

What you’ll learn:  

  • The importance of mitigating the threats that at-risk species face and how corporate lands play a key role 
  • How partnering with nonprofits and regulatory agencies supports corporate conservation goals 
  • Best practices for species recovery and how to find relevant species management tools 

Who should take this webinar: 

  • Conservation teams whose sites are home to at-risk species 
  • Anyone interested in how cross-sector collaboration can support species recovery goals 


  • Lauren Ward, Executive Director, Conservation Without Conflict 
  • Wendi Weber, Regional Director, North Atlantic-Appalachian Region, FWS 

View the webinar

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